The long-awaited release of software version 3 and the start of sales of the V5 adapter

Good day, dear friends!

Today, after more than a year’s pause, we are resuming sales of our adapters, as well as announcing the release of a new software version.
Starting now, we accept and service orders for the purchase of adapters.
Direct sales due to the situation in the world, as well as in our country, will be available only on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and the CIS countries, where parcels are sent by Russian Post.
If you are from another country, please check the possibility of shipping to your country with given list
The ability to ship the adapter to other countries is constantly changing. This issue is specified when ordering an adapter.
You can find out all the necessary information about prices and create an application for the purchase of an adapter on our website in the section How to buy
The software can be downloaded from the links in this thread on our forum.
P.S. Due to the fact that the project has moved to a new platform, there may be flaws, as well as some software functions may not work properly. Please report any issues you find on our bug tracker.

Thank you