Notice of price hikes and delayed release of V5 adapters!

Dear guests of our site, our clients, as well as those who would like to purchase our adapter.
Probably many of you know that now the market for the supply of electronic components is going through a serious global crisis.
Both small projects and large electronic giants around the world have faced this.
Also for these reasons, many automakers either suspend production, or the cars are delivered under-equipped.
Due to the current market situation, due to a serious increase in prices for the supply of electronic components, we are forced to
sad to announce that the current V4 adapters will rise in price from September 13 at once by 20EUR.
The base cost of the adapter instead of 100EUR will be 120EUR. The rest of the prices for tokens and extended license will remain unchanged.
For many years we have kept the price unchanged, despite serious fluctuations in the currencies on the market, the depreciation of the ruble, but unfortunately, we have now reached the limit.
As of today, there is no exact information regarding the release of V5 due to problems with the supply of components.
At the moment, tasks are being solved to keep the current version of the V4 adapter in production and sale.
Best regards, UCDS development team!