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About changes in the UCDS project, the release of a new version of the adapter and pricing policy.

Good day dear friends!
It’s been over a year since we suspended the sale of UCDS V4 adapters.
Of course, this was influenced by many external factors, but we continued to work and now almost everything is ready for the start of sales of the UCDS V5 adapter.
Simultaneously with the release of the new adapter, the commercial component in the project will change. Please read in advance the information provided in the form – “question – answer” below.

What changes are expected in general terms?
Starting with SW 3.XXX.XXX, the project will no longer have “tokens” required to perform various commercial operations.
Level 1 tokens will be replaced by ODO License
Level 2 tokens will be excluded from the project. Starting with SW 3.XXX.XXX, the ability to program Converse+ panels with firmware from Motral will no longer be available. Joint work with Motral starting from SW 3.XXX.XXX will be terminated.
Level 3,4,5 tokens will be excluded from the project. Starting from this version, there will be NO “tuning” versions in the project of ready-made firmware from the developers. From now on, tuning firmware will be purchased directly from the creators for a SPECIFIC adapter. This means that the file received from the developer can be used ONLY by the owner of the adapter and with the help of the adapter for which the file is produced.
Starting with SW 3.XXX.XXX, the following types of licenses will appear in the project:
ODO License – a license to perform the functions of resetting mileage, as well as all the functionality for which level 1 tokens were previously written off.
EXT License – the principle is similar to the previously extended license (Extended license)
PATS License – a license that provides access to PATS functions (working with Ford car keys)
All licenses will be limited in time: 1 month \ 6 months \ 1 year (except for the PATS license, which will be able to activate for a shorter time)
This means that the functionality that is included in each specific license can be used an unlimited number of times during this time.

What adapters will be supported?
From SW 3.XXX.XXX ONLY V4 and V5 adapters will be supported. Old adapters V1\V2\V3 will not be able to work with the new software.

What are the restrictions on the use and transition to a new version of the software?
For new V5 adapters – the use of new software – no alternative.
For V4 adapters – the transition to the new software will be associated with a fundamental change in the firmware of the V4 adapter, which will entail the IMPOSSIBILITY to return to the old software. You will have to make a decision whether to stay on the old software and the old commercial system or switch to the new one.

What will happen to support for older adapters and older SW 2.XXX.XXX?
Support for all previously released adapters will continue. SW 2.XXX.XXX will also be supported, but it will not receive major innovations and functionality enhancements. Only technical fixes. Generation of tokens for various commercial operations will also be available.

What will happen to the active tokens and license when the V4 adapter is upgraded to the new SW 3.XXX.XXX?
When switching to new software, tokens and a license will be converted according to the following principle:
1 level 1 token = 2 months of active ODO License
Active Extended License = 1 year EXT License

What are the significant differences between V4 and V5 adapters?
The main differences include support by the V5 CAN FD adapter independently with three buses, hardware support for LIN, K\L-Line.
The V5 adapter has the ability to work via WIFI in two modes:
AP – adapter raises WIFI hotspot (PC connects to adapter)
STA – the adapter connects to the WIFI network specified by the settings (The adapter connects to the specified network)
It is also possible to activate WIFI Direct AP on computers with an operating system not lower than Windows 10. In this mode, a WIFI Direct access point is raised on the PC, which makes it possible to use WIFI connections to the adapter in conjunction with a WIFI connection of a PC to an access point that provides access to the Internet .
The V5 adapter can also work with Bosch ECU modules in the so-called “Bench mode” without the use of additional devices. Work tested with the PCMFLASH software package

How much will a new V5 adapter cost?
Your price for adapter will be CONVERTED from RUB to USDT(crypto currency).
Adapter without any licenses – 14500RUB
Adapter with ODO and EXT licenses for 6 months each – 19000RUB
Adapter with ODO and EXT licenses for 1 year each – 20500RUB

For example:
Adapter without any licenses cost 14500RUB. This price will be CONVERTED to USDT by currency exchange ration on day of order.
So, current exchange rate USDT\RUB = 1\80. It’s mean that you price will be 14500\80 = 181USDT (+fee for money transfer)
Also delivery price will be added.

Separate licenses:
ODO License for 1 month / 6 months / 1 year – 15USDT / 40USDT / 60USDT
EXT License for 1 month / 6 months / 1 year – ——- / 60USDT / 90USDT
PATS License for 1 week / 1 month / 6 months / 1 year – TEMPORARY UNDER REVISING

When will the V5 adapter be available?
We expect the start of sales within 2-3 weeks. Information about the start of sales will be posted on our website.

Will there be sales to other countries?
Unfortunately, due to the current situation in the world, sales will be carried out within the territory of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, as well as the countries of the former CIS, China, and the countries of the Middle East.
Direct sales to Ukraine, USA will be temporarily unavailable. Sales to EU zone by request. Not all countries accept parcels from RU. Delivery time about 1 month and probably more!
Sales to the specified regions will be available only through intermediaries.
Direct money transfers only via USDT crypto currency. If you don’t know what’s this, please read about it first on Internet, or ask friends about it!
Any methods like direct bank transfer, Paypal, Payoneer, Revolute, Scrill and all other are not accepted!