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Impossibility of purchases in our project!

Dear users.
Due to the difficult situation in the world, as well as due to the serious sanctions that have been imposed on our country, we are forced to inform you that from 03/05/2022, the purchase of tokens of all levels and an extended license for adapters has become impossible for all customers located outside Russian Federation.
Unfortunately, all possible international payment methods, such as PayPal and WesterUnion, are no longer available in our country.
Unfortunately, we cannot influence this situation. We are taking all possible steps to get out of this situation.
We ask you not to use the commercial functions of our project. Replenishment of tokens is not possible yet for an indefinite period.

Sincerely, UCDS team.

Attention! Adapter sales have been suspended.

Good day to all.
Unfortunately, we have to inform you that the sales of adapters have been suspended.
There is no timeline for the resumption of sales. Unfortunately, the situation on the market of electronic components has not bypassed us.
V4 adapters will be discontinued.
We are preparing for the start of sales and the launch of V5 adapters.
There are no dates or prices yet due to serious problems with the supply of electronic components.

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Happy New Year 2022!

Dear friends.
Congratulations on the upcoming New Year 2022!
We wish you happiness, success in all your endeavors, peace and love.
And in the current realities, also good health. May your dreams come true and there will always be kindness and warmth next to you!

We also want to inform you that the sale and dispatch of adapters from 12/28/2021 to 01/12/2022 will be SUSPENDED.
From 01/13/2020 you can order the adapter as usual.
The sale and provision of tokens, demo and extended licenses will be carried out as usual, albeit with slight delays.

Best regards, UCDS team.

Notice of price hikes and delayed release of V5 adapters!

Dear guests of our site, our clients, as well as those who would like to purchase our adapter.
Probably many of you know that now the market for the supply of electronic components is going through a serious global crisis.
Both small projects and large electronic giants around the world have faced this.
Also for these reasons, many automakers either suspend production, or the cars are delivered under-equipped.
Due to the current market situation, due to a serious increase in prices for the supply of electronic components, we are forced to
sad to announce that the current V4 adapters will rise in price from September 13 at once by 20EUR.
The base cost of the adapter instead of 100EUR will be 120EUR. The rest of the prices for tokens and extended license will remain unchanged.
For many years we have kept the price unchanged, despite serious fluctuations in the currencies on the market, the depreciation of the ruble, but unfortunately, we have now reached the limit.
As of today, there is no exact information regarding the release of V5 due to problems with the supply of components.
At the moment, tasks are being solved to keep the current version of the V4 adapter in production and sale.
Best regards, UCDS development team!

Happy New Year 2021!

Dear Friends!

Congratulations on the coming year 2021. We wish you happiness, love, health, and success in all your endeavors.

We also would like to inform you, that we will resume orders for the purchase of adapters from January 10, 2021.

Until this date, you can only buy tokens and licenses. Also, please be aware that the response time to requests will be lengthened for some reason. Please take this into account.


UCDS adapters comparison table

Dear friends.
Due to multiple requests, we publish table of technical differences between our adapters.
Please note that the V5 adapter is in development and not available on order.
Approximate release dates – January-February 2021

Возможности Адаптер V1/V2 Адаптер V3 Адаптер V4 Адаптер V5
CPU V850+FTDI Cortex-M3 Cortex-M3 Cortex-M4
PERFOMANCE 32 Mhz 72 Mhz 120 Mhz 170 Mhz
CAN BUSES support 2/3 3 3 4
Ford MMCAN support(1/8 pins) NO/YES YES YES YES
LIN support NO NO NO YES
USB ESD protection NO NO NO YES
Input DC Voltage measurement NO NO NO YES
SW support NO NO YES YES
J2534 updates support NO NO YES YES
New vehicles brand support NO NO YES YES
Update to Adapter V5 YES YES YES

Temporary suspension of international sales!

Dear potential buyers.

We would like to inform you that all international sales of adapters will be temporarily unavailable until August 30, 2020 due to technical reasons.

From August 31, all international orders will be processed as usual.

We apologize for possible inconveniences.

With respect, UCDS Team!

Attention UCDS project users!

Dear users.
We would like to inform you that support for V1, V2, and V3 adapters will soon be discontinued.
Our project is preparing to move to software version, which will require a permanent connection of your PC to the Internet.
This software will support only versions of V4 adapters that are available for purchase now,
as well as a V5 (WIRELESS) adapter, which will be released this year.
All owners of adapters versions V1, V2, and V3 will be offered the most favorable conditions for the transition to the version V4 or in the future to the version V5. We will inform you about the prices in advance.
Software versions from now on will no longer receive functional updates, except for critical updates related only to the operation of the software itself.
Software versions will soon receive support from brands such as HYUNDAI, KIA, LAND ROVER, and JAGUAR.
Follow our news.

International sales are RESUMED!

Dear potential buyers.
We would like to inform you that from 16\07\2020 we resume international sales.
However, we want to inform you that due to the situation with COVID-19, delivery of mail may be delayed for a long time.
Claims for delivery will NOT be accepted by us within 90 days of dispatch.
If you agree to these terms, we will be happy to sell you our goods.

With respect, UCDS Team.

Attention to new potential customers!

Due to the situation of COVID-19 in the world, we regret to inform you that sales to countries other than Russia have been temporarily suspended. This is due to huge delays in sending international mail, which is associated with the complete abolition of all international flights in our country. Unfortunately, we cannot influence the situation in any way.
Sale of adapters to other countries will resume when the situation with international mail will be normalized.

With respect, UCDS team !